Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Announcement!

For one month, I'm committing to take one photo per day and post it on my blog. Its something I did when I worked full time in a very uncreative profession to boost my creativity. Its great when you are feeling down in the dumps to do something creative. Something about doing an artistic and very imaginative thing just soothes and calms the soul - no matter how un-artistic you may think you are, just doing it can be good practice for the other side of your brain. You don't have to show anybody, just do it for yourself.

Today's shot is me, at my computer working (see not very creative, but I'm on a tight deadline for a few projects!) :) And yes, this is how much I love my job, I look like this ALL the time!

There is one minor kink with my plans... I leave for a week long vacation on Friday. SO I will be posting photos of the day in a lump whenever I can get to a computer!

This is my challenge to you. It doesn't have to be every day, but once a week, go out and take a photo, draw a sketch, learn to play the guitar. Whatever you want to try out! Bump up that creative side that so many of us have beaten down by jobs where you can't be creative! If you want, email me and I'll put them up here. Or start your own fun free creative blog!

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