Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Announcement!

For one month, I'm committing to take one photo per day and post it on my blog. Its something I did when I worked full time in a very uncreative profession to boost my creativity. Its great when you are feeling down in the dumps to do something creative. Something about doing an artistic and very imaginative thing just soothes and calms the soul - no matter how un-artistic you may think you are, just doing it can be good practice for the other side of your brain. You don't have to show anybody, just do it for yourself.

Today's shot is me, at my computer working (see not very creative, but I'm on a tight deadline for a few projects!) :) And yes, this is how much I love my job, I look like this ALL the time!

There is one minor kink with my plans... I leave for a week long vacation on Friday. SO I will be posting photos of the day in a lump whenever I can get to a computer!

This is my challenge to you. It doesn't have to be every day, but once a week, go out and take a photo, draw a sketch, learn to play the guitar. Whatever you want to try out! Bump up that creative side that so many of us have beaten down by jobs where you can't be creative! If you want, email me and I'll put them up here. Or start your own fun free creative blog!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A couple more from PT

Did I mention this was possibly the most beautiful weekend I've ever seen in Port Townsend?! I've never actually seen Mt. Baker before (or at least not that I remember!) but look at this...

The lighthouse at Fort Worden State Park, where Jessie and her friend Robbie had their graduation party yesterday.

This one is from Saturday night. The moon was huge and bright, and this sail boat sitting in the water outside our balcony beckoned at 2am!

I didn't get a lot of sleep this weekend, but I had a TON of fun! It was good to see family and of course great to visit PT again! I have exciting news coming later this week, stay tuned!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Graduation in Port Townsend

I'm up in Port Townsend, WA, one of my favorite places to visit! My cousin, Jessie (you may remember her from her senior portraits) graduated from high school on Thursday night. Despite getting a late start and being trapped in road construction, we made it for most of the 2.5 hour long ceremony, which included live music, great speeches, and diplomas!

This is Sherbet. They rocked! :)

I'm a little biased, but look at that girl! Cute AND smart!

Maybe not the worst family picture of all time, but it is close. I offered to do a little Photoshop magic and move some faces around but Jessie said to leave it. This describes her family perfectly! So wise beyond her years.

I was also commissioned to take photos on the senior cruise. We boarded the Emerald Star for a voyage around the Puget Sound until 3:30am! I didn't even know I could stay up that late anymore!

Airbrush tattoos were definitely the highlight of the evening!

A little game show. Christian ended up taking it all in the last round for a DVD player.

Congrats class of 2008! Your discs of the night will be in the mail in a couple weeks!

Onward, one of my favorite spots in PT is Water Front Pizza. Nothing incredibly special, just outstanding pizza. While we waited, I played. This was their floor. Its very small, and the moving around has rubbed through what looks like about 5 layers of tile/vinyl flooring! Amazing patter with that and the flour, may try to get back for more.

My Aunt Sally, myself, and my mom at Water Street Brewing. We stayed in a really cool funky little hotel over the bar! It was great! Good band, good beer, great food (although we weren't eating that night).

Mom and I the next day on our little balcony looking over the sound. I love the red brick and blue accent, but I took this one with PhotoBooth on the computer, so its not as pretty as usual. But we are!

We made a little seafood feast in the suite and just chilled tonight. I'm going to catch up on some sleep since its almost midnight and this is the earliest I've been in bed. 3am two days in a row isn't cutting it!

I will post more as I go, in the middle of uploading photos, I went and took more of the sailboat with the moon. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weekend in Portland

First of all and big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by the open house. It was so much fun and there were so many of you, that even I got distracted enough not to take any photos! WOW! SO I will get some new office photos up next week.

The morning after, my friend Kellee and I got up at the crack of 10 and left for Portland at noon for a fun weekend. We met up and did dinner with a couple of her friends, did some shopping, and most importantly went to a Panic at the Disco concert, with The Hush Sound, Motion City Soundtrack, and Phantom Planet. We were feeling a little old sitting with the parents watching the angsty, Leg Warmers wearing teens. But it was still fantastic and we had a blast! Of course, since you can't bring pro photo equipment in, I have no pics except the ones off my cell phone, which I'm not going to show cause they're not pretty.

We did stop at Multnomah Falls because Kellee was shocked that I hadn't been there! Its ON THE INTERSTATE! I had no idea. Now I know why everyone stops! By the way, as someone afraid of heights with no camera strap, the right pic was scary (you can see my foot on the bridge)

We also went to the Japanese Gardens. They were gorgeous! Here are the highlights.
The beautiful Kellee baring with me :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Grand Opening today in Bend!

I have been working very hard the last few weeks and we're finally here! Rachor Photography is now a full time adventure for me, and to celebrate, we've having our Grand Opening at our Bend Showroom. Please come and stop by, say hi and meet Matt and I! It just happens to be during the first Friday Art Walk in downtown Bend. You can either come see us and then continue on to all the great galleries downtown, or if you're already going to be there, come and stop by!

We are located on the corner of Wall St and Oregon Ave, inside the same building as Sports Vision, The Cork, and Made in Hawaii. You can come in either the front door (next door to Made in Hawaii) or the alley entrance. Here is the official address for all of you who are like me, and depend on those little gps or Google maps!

1012 NW Wall St
Suite 170

I hope to see you there!!