Monday, January 12, 2009


Back on Track. Even though I technically shot this after midnight. It snowed here again today. It was almost 50, Dash and I went for a 4 mile run, and then it does this. It made the tree so pretty though!


My mom, Jill. Our rock in this little storm. She is amazing.



Grandpa is gone.

Hey everybody,

I'm sorry for the delay. My grandpa Willie passed away a few days ago and I've been in Billings, helping my mom and grandma out, wishing I had my camera every second for little random things. I will admit, I cheated with the photos I posted, but I feel I had a valid excuse for this one. I'm working on a couple of special projects and will probably incorporate that into the blog too. We've been pouring through generations of photos and having a blast doing so. I'll definitely post a few choice images!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cutest Dog Ever

I might be a little biased but Dash really is the cutest dog ever. The other dogs made fun of his booties, but his feet were warm, so he didn't care.

A little Enter the Dragon from Kubota Image Tools. Just makes the ridiculous cuteness even more apparent.

For those of you not familiar with Missoula, I took today's shots and all the others on the River Trail. It was a typical gloomy day. Or as I like to look at it, the light is always filtered and beautiful! This factors into Resolution #3. Dash and I started our training today for a 5k. So by spring I'll be ready to run one, wherever I am at that point. Wish me luck. Next up, reading the vegetarian cook book I got at the used book store.


Monday, January 5, 2009


Self Portrait Day! I haven't done many of these, and have friends that have made so many amazing portraits in creative ways, I think I'll try a few more. I have an amazing South facing window at my house, and Missoula is always cloudy and has great light! Not the best photo of me, but for my first in years, I'm kind of excited about it.



Yes, a couple days late, but at least photographed that day. I've come to discover its much harder to post everyday than it is to take one photo a day. Or to limit it to just one. I will have to find a place to post the ones that don't make it. I find myself over-analyzing what my favorite shot is, versus Matt's favorite, and what I think all of you would like. But that's why I'm doing this - an opportunity to do something I love everyday, and show it to all of you.

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 - The year of the Rocker (or Rachor)

So here's the big announcement you've all been waiting for. 2009 is the year of the Rachor! This is the year Rachor Photography becomes a truly full time venture for Sarah. And with that, this has also been dubbed year of growth. A major part of that growth will be determined soon since there could be more major personal changes. Until then, I've got 3 resolutions:

1. Eat better, exercise more. - The grueling Montana winter has taken its toll. So really, for resolution number one, its the year of shrinking. I'm 28 its time to get ahold of myself and work my booty off (quite literally). I'm eating vegetarian at least 3 times a week to start with, more seafood, less cheeseburgers the rest of the time and my poor abused pup gets a walk a day. See next month for the beginning of the workout DVD's. IF I get brave, I'll post my own before pictures so you can all see that I'm really the biggest loser! (I can hear it now... we already knew you were the biggest loser... HA HA!)

2. Get to WPPI - For those photographers following me here, please try to get to WPPI in February. This is one of those life changing opportunities, especially when you are just starting out. There is so much knowledge and so many useful products out there. If you feel stuck where you're at in your career, go! Go see as many speakers as you can, go to some parties the vendors have, and talk to as many photographers as possible. We're a fun group, and more willing than most to help each other out. I love that about my profession, and I hope that if you don't, you'll get ahold of me, or someone in your area and find out why they love it!

If you don't believe me, let these 24 photographers tell you why! Here is episode #1 of the Longest Day videos (including my former boss and current Action Hero, Kevin Kubota! Can't wait for that Action sequence - any Enter the Dragon involved??)

3. Photo a day for 2009 - I began this awhile ago and then my life went nuts. NO excuse for not posting, I know. So, beginning yesterday, I'm taking one photograph a day for the entire year and will be posting them right here. It may be work I did for a client, it may be something I shot for fun. But I'm going to get out every day and take pictures because that's why I became a photographer and thats what I love to do.

Here is yesterday's:

And todays:

Here's to a spectacular 2009. May you be healthy, smarter, faster than before, or wherever your resolutions may lead you. I've never made any before, and this way, you can all keep track!