Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fun Thank You Card Idea

I had the honor of being the Best Maid (Matron of Honor sounds too old, although we don't play favorites either so, despite the wedding being over, we're still working on my title!) in my amazing friend's wedding last weekend. Being in the wedding is more work than being the photographer and was a good reminder for me that even though I show up on the wedding day to work, the wedding party has usually been going for most of the week! Its hard work to have that much fun with your friends.

Harmony and her new husband, Dave, did one of my favorite ideas - they took a photo of them with a hand made sign to use for Thank You cards! This is not them, so don't look for me. I took lots of photos that day, but none of this brilliant idea, and none with my camera since it was too big to bring along.

What a fun opportunity to get creative with your thank you cards - whether you design it yourself, or have your photographer do it for you (most of us are decent graphic designers, and those of us who aren't, hire them!).

These images are all from a blog post I found at Intimate Weddings. There are other images and more fun ideas for you do it yourselfers and photographers. Have fun with it!

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